Specialized Equipment

Chicago Specialized & Heavy Haul Load Transportation

Experience company drivers with company owned equipment | Consistent on time deliveries

Bil-Mac Express understands the intricacies of specialized shipments. Since 1978, we have helped shippers transport industrial-sized generators, trucks, cranes, full-sized tractor combines, tanks and much more.

Hauling oversize and overweight loads is no small task. The safe and timely delivery of specialized freight requires precise planning and careful attention to every detail. The slightest oversight in equipment use or route selection could potentially compromise the move and result in damage or delayed delivery of cargo.

Bil-Mac Express understands the risks associated with heavy haul shipping and possesses the skill and expertise required to get the job done right.

Bil-Mac Express has the following Specialized Equipment:

  • Double drop trailers with multiple axles
  • Removable goose necks
  • Heavy haul tractors
  • Oversized permits and routing
  • Oversized load escorts
  • Pole car
  • Day and night deliveries available

Contact Bil-Mac today for a Chicago specialized and heavy haul load shipping quote at 847-640-9696 or dispatch@bil-mac.com